08 May 2013

Derrick Rose and the Infinite Sadness

by Shane Nicholson

It's been somewhere around 12 weeks since Bulls superstar/walking sideshow Derrick Rose was cleared following successful surgery and rehab on his injured ACL.

Twelve weeks that a 24 year old former MVP has chosen not to take the court to complete said rehab and rejoin his teammates in their run to the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Twelve weeks of plenty of copy (you can add this to that growing list now), plenty of coverage, plenty of people shouting on the television and radio.

Oh, and twelve weeks of waiting on God to show up on Madison Street. (For the record, I don't think that's his stomping grounds.)

Today, Bloomberg's Jonathan Mahler had a go, reaching out to Grant Hill to get his take on the whole fiasco. Let us quote thy great Duke Blue Devil:

“It’s noble and admirable what Noah and Robinson and these guys are doing. But to compare that to what Rose is going through is irresponsible.”

Grant Hill says thou shall not compare thine injuries only three paragraphs in. What does Mahler do? Take 12 more to compare Rose's misfortune to Hill's.

Let's get some simple facts straight here: Hill played on a horribly injured ankle that was misdiagnosed by team doctors which resulted in an even worse injury. Rose tore his ACL a year ago, had surgery, went through his rehab program by all accounts like Secretariat on the stretch at the Preakness, and at the last hurdle decided that he'd better wait, then wait some more, and some more, and that maybe God would show up, but he'd keep waiting.

Mahler chucks the Bulls organization under the bus saying they tossed Rose under the bus (same bus?) back in February by announcing he was medically cleared to play. By announcing that their employee, 24 year old NBA dynamo Derrick Rose, was cleared to begin doing his job again, they had thrown him under the bus.

Get out the inductive-reasometers again here, because the only way it becomes a case of the Bulls throwing Rose under the figurative bus is if he's still choosing nearly three months later not to get back on the court. The Bulls from top-to-bottom have handled this well, so to throw them under the bus (definitely the same bus) for taking care of their most prized asset and then doing what any other professional sports team would when he's supposed to be ready again is ridiculous.

You can't have it both ways, Jon. You can't say, Don't compare injuries because X, then spend a whole column comparing injuries. You can't blame the Bulls for creating the circus that has become Derrick Rose when its been him and his brother talking about his non-comeback comeback the most.

And you certainly can't blame Bulls fans for wondering why a 24 year old in his prime is choosing to remain on the sidelines when everyone, even his own doctor, has told him it's time to get back.


  1. Worst bus ride ever. If one disembarks from said bus, one finds oneself under it.

  2. I await a similar article when Jay Cutler, inevitably, gets banged up in week 2! ;-)