14 June 2013

UFC on Fuel 10: Did the UFC go too far?

By Andy McGowan

Saturday’s UFC on Fuel 10 was beamed live around the world live from the Ginásio Paulo Sarasate in the Fortaleza, Brazil. The card featured twelve fights and in each of those twelve fights a Brazilian came out on top much to the delight of the 6,286 paying customers inside the Ginásio Paulo Sarasate. Of these twelve fights a record eight were finished by submission with two fights going to the judges and only a single TKO.  

 Even those who aren’t cynical would have been surprised by the number of submission victories. The number of Brazilian winners sadly wasn’t a shock. Last time out in Brazil at UFC 134 only a single Brazilian lost out while his countrymen claimed a combined ten victories on the night so it comes as no surprise that Brazilian fighters dominated the latest card in their home country. 

Local Fight Rony Jason finishes Brit Mike Wilkinson with a triangle choke
There’s no question the UFC are matching these fighters easy to boost interest in the UFC in Brazil and how better to do it than with a Brazilian Jujitsu master class in Brazil by a group of Brazilian fighters? The question is has the UFC now overplayed its hand with easy matchups for local fighters and cheapened not only the UFC brand but the sport of MMA at large? And will we see this trend continue every time the UFC comes to Brazil? 

03 June 2013

Tennis in 2018 - will L’Equipe be proven right?

by Ewan McQueen | Contributor

Men’s tennis is currently blessed with a set of four world-class players whose names just roll off the tongue; Djokovic, Murray, Federer and Nadal in which ever order you like.

For the last five years, the four of them have been the main contenders in each of the four Grand Slams on an annual basis, with only Juan Martin Del Potro breaking the foursome’s vice-like grip on tennis’s main prizes since Djokovic won the Australian Open in 2008.

However, as with every sport, new talent emerges and the old guard have to give way and this will be the case over the next few years in tennis. With that thought in mind, L’Equipe, the respected daily French sports newspaper published on Saturday a list of who they believe will be ruling the tennis world in 2018.